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Crab and Spinach Lasagna

Now that Autumn is here, we decided to make some comfort food that wasn’t as heavy as some of the things that we make during winter.  We made this with crab claw meat, but you could easily substitute with lobster … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest in Colorado Springs

We went to the Colorado Springs Oktoberfest over the weekend to enjoy some German beer, eat some bratwurst, and see everyone who dressed up for the occasion.  The temperature was more like a summer day than an Autumn day, but that … Continue reading

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Hiking in Mueller State Park

We always head into the mountains at this time of year to enjoy the beautiful weather and view the beautiful scenery.  We’ve had an unusually warm start to Autumn in Colorado, so this was an absolutely gorgeous day to go … Continue reading

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Salmon with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

When we were in Mexico a few years ago, we had a chef prepare us a fresh fish with a lemon caper sauce and we decided that we would attempt our own version of the dish.  We have to admit … Continue reading

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Should You Buy a Timeshare?

First of all, we know that timeshares aren’t for everyone.  The year that our youngest daughter went off to college, one of our parents gave us one of their timeshare weeks because they weren’t going to have time to use … Continue reading

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Bozeman, Montana

We’ve been in Bozeman, Montana since Tuesday and are getting ready to fly home again tomorrow.  It was a work trip where we traveled together, but we weren’t able to make it into Yellowstone this time.  The weather was surprisingly … Continue reading

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French Stew (Hunter’s Stew)

We have a family recipe that we’ve always called “French Stew”, but really it is a Hunter’s Stew, which means that you can substitute any meat, carb, and vegetable and it still works.  Basically it is whatever hunters had available … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vegas

We have a couple of timeshares and last year we had a week that we had to use or we would lose it, so we decided to avoid the normal family drama of the holidays and go to Vegas.  We … Continue reading

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Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar

We’d been to Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar when we visited Fort Collins a while back, so when we found them in Boulder, we were quick to pay them another visit.  They have the most incredible happy hour with oysters for … Continue reading

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Sausage Alfredo with Rainbow Pasta

We were in Boulder over the weekend and found a little store with authentic European curiosities.  While we were in the Italian section, we found a rainbow pasta that we decided that we just had to buy.  When we got … Continue reading

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