All Inclusive – Do You Get Your Money’s Worth?

We’re a week away from flying down to Cabo for a week of sun and relaxation, which is perfect timing since the temperatures in Colorado have decided to tumble.  One of the decisions that we have left to make is whether to purchase an all-inclusive plan for while we’re there.  Fortunately, the resort that we’re staying at offers you the choice of not doing anything or purchasing as many days of all-inclusive plans as you’d like.  Generally speaking, we prefer not to do the all-inclusive plans for several reasons:

  1. We like to eat where the locals eat and not just sit at the resort all day and all night, so we feel like we’re throwing money away if we leave the resort to enjoy a local restaurant.
  2. We’re not big eaters.  Under normal circumstances, we’ll split meals or even just share appetizers rather than sitting down and eating an entire meal to ourselves.
  3. It’s just the two of us, we don’t have to worry about the kids being able to eat whenever they want or worry about a surprise bill at the end of the trip.
  4. You feel the pressure to get your money’s worth, so you end up eating and drinking more than you should or would normally do.  The last thing you want to do while you’re sitting at the beach is to put on a few pounds.
  5. The only activities included are non-motorized activities, which generally don’t cost much anyways.
Sitting on the Beach
Sitting on the Beach

With all that said, we’ve done all-inclusive plans a couple of times.  When we went to the Dominican Republic, we didn’t have a choice, all of the resorts that we looked at were all-inclusive.  On the flip side, there really weren’t any local restaurants near the resort at Punta Cana, so staying at the resort was perfectly fine.  The other thing that is nice about the all-inclusive plans is the alcohol.  When we’re on vacation and don’t have to drive anyplace, we’re going to have a good time and part of that is having a few drinks, so not having to worry about that expense is kind of nice.  Again, though, we don’t want to over-drink, so it is a balancing act of not feeling like you have to have one more because “you’ve already paid for it”.  The other time we did the all-inclusive was actually the last time we went to Cabo a few years ago.  We did three days of all-inclusive and four days on our own.  That allowed us to go to the theme nights, eat and drink at the resort for a few days and then let us hit the restaurants on the beach and in town for the rest of the trip.

Dos Mai Tai's at the Pool Bar
Dos Mai Tai’s at the Pool Bar

We need to make our decision in a couple of days as to what we’re going to do as far as the all-inclusive plans, but quite frankly, we’re not sure.  At the most, we’ll do what we did on our last trip to Cabo and just do the three days.  If any of you have thoughts about the all-inclusive plans, feel free to let us know what you think about them.

Parasailing in Mexico
Parasailing in Mexico

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