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Plenty To Be Thankful For

If you’re asking yourself “where do I want to travel next” instead of “where is my next meal coming from”, then, like us, you have an awful lot to be thankful about. Neither of our families travelled much when we … Continue reading

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Herb Roasted Game Hens with Pancetta

When entertaining, we will often serve game hens so that everyone can have their own hen. For this recipe, we served them whole, but when having guests over, we will usually cut the hens in half so that it is … Continue reading

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Cabo San Lucas

We’ve been home from Cabo San Lucas for a little over a week now and we’re already going through withdrawal.  We’ve had one blizzard since getting home and are expecting snow on Thanksgiving, so the sun and beach seem like … Continue reading

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Give and You Will Receive

It definitely isn’t true all of the time, but generally speaking, if you’re willing to give, you will get just as much in return. This is true whether it is just about being nice to the people around you or … Continue reading

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Bacon Wrapped Crackers

Needless to say, sometimes something super simple can be absolutely delicious, especially when it has bacon.  This is the case with these bacon wrapped crackers.  They don’t take much time, are simple to do, and are truly a crowd pleaser.  … Continue reading

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Airport Parking is Outrageous!

We’re not sure if it is just because we live in Colorado where there isn’t a good public transportation system.  Or whether it is because everyone is spread so far out that they have to drive to the airport, but the … Continue reading

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Maximize Your Food Experience

One of the things that we do whenever we travel, whether in state or to another country, is to have appetizers at a couple of different restaurants every night that we’re there.  We’re not big eaters to begin with, so … Continue reading

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Tequila Lime Chicken

Perhaps because we’re about to leave for Mexico in a couple of days, we’ve had tequila on the mind.  We originally found this recipe from Ina Garten, but we’ve modified it slightly over time.  The original recipe calls for boneless … Continue reading

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Nothing But Sunsets

If you pay close enough attention to our posts, you’ll notice that you never see any sunrise pictures, but plenty of sunset pictures.  The reason is quite simple, when we’re travelling we don’t wake up early enough to take pictures … Continue reading

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