Daily Post Photo Challenge – Time

We gave some thought to the time challenge and what came to our minds was something that lasted throughout time. We considered some ancient ruins, fossils, and statues, but in the end we decided on petroglyphs or cave drawings. Seeing an expression of human existence that has survived the passage of time is awe-inspiring. Knowing that ancient hands took the time to carve their story into stone for future generations to see is truly a wonderful thing.  We also chose a picture that was taken twenty years ago, because what is a photograph if not a moment in time captured.




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4 Responses to Daily Post Photo Challenge – Time

  1. Where was this photo taken? Love your idea of petroglyphs. Great shot.

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  2. Bea dM says:

    Oriignal well-thought-out response – time is the most ungraspable of all concepts!

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