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Daily Post Discover Challenge – Perspective

This week’s challenge is to provide the vantage point from which we blog, our perspective. Since we have a warped view of the world at times, we thought that this photo best described our perspective, both a reflection of what … Continue reading

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Roasted Leg of Lamb with Gravy

We have very specific meals that we have on special occasions and lamb is our Easter tradition. There is something about having lamb that is very emblematic of the coming of spring to us and we look forward to this … Continue reading

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Warwick Castle – A Trip into History

We have plenty of wonderful memories from our trip to England, but one of our favorite memories is of Warwick Castle. Walking around the grounds of the castle is like walking back in time to England’s rich history when lords, … Continue reading

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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Half-Light

For this week’s challenge, Half-Light, we were supposed to take inspiration from a poem, song lyric, or literary work of art for a picture that captured the moments just before dusk. Watching the ships coming in from the Strait of … Continue reading

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How to See Wildlife When Hiking

We’ve been hiking in the mountains for years and have been fortunate to see our share of wildlife. Even better, we haven’t seen any bears or mountain lions, but we’ve come across fresh tracks and have been pretty certain that … Continue reading

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Springtime in the Rockies

So, technically we’re in the front range and not in the mountains, but March and April are our snowiest months.  On Tuesday, it was sunny and warm and then yesterday we were in the midst of a blizzard with over … Continue reading

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Old Bay Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always a favorite appetizer when we have a party and no matter how many we seem to make, they are always gone before the night is over. Especially this time of year, using boiled eggs to make … Continue reading

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Daily Post Discover Challenge – Witness

Like most people, we are nature lovers and try to keep in touch with nature even when we’re not travelling. We have bird feeders in our backyard and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels that congregate daily to partake in … Continue reading

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Carnival Court Bar in Las Vegas

We’re going to break the rules about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, at least a little bit. Our first real visit to Las Vegas was back in 2009 and it was somewhat of a whirlwind trip, which is … Continue reading

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7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 7

We were nominated by fellow blogger, ProjectRelish, for a seven-day photo challenge, so we will be posting one of our nature pictures every day for the next seven days. For the final day of the challenge, we’ve decided to use … Continue reading

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