7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 4

We were nominated by fellow blogger, ProjectRelish, for a seven-day photo challenge, so we will be posting one of our nature pictures every day for the next seven days.

Narrowing down nature photographs has turned out to be harder than we imagined.  Between hiking here in Colorado, visiting Yellowstone so many times, and travelling to various places that we’ve loved, choosing a mere seven pictures is a daunting task.  For day 4, we decided to use a picture of Krishna’s Butter Ball, which is a balancing rock in Mahabalipuram outside of Chennai, India.  According to Hindu mythology, the rock is attributed to Lord Krishna’s insatiable appetite for butter and, as a child, he would sneak butter from his mother’s butter jar.  The rock is supposed to be the remnants of the butter that he would steal.  Sometimes you capture an image that is a perfect moment in time, this is an image of something that seems to defy nature.  Legend has it that kings have tried to use elephants to pull it down the hill to no avail.  It has survived tsunamis, earthquakes, and the ravages of time, but continues to seem to defy the laws of physics and remain balanced in place.


Krishna’s Butter Ball

Taking Away Some of the Mystery

Taking Away Some of the Mystery

Rules: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else for seven consecutive days.

Nominating TheGreyEye, who has an incredible site with wonderful photographs and stories of travels from all around the world.

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9 Responses to 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 4

  1. Wow that is so awesome!!! As a child I had always heard stories of Lord Krishna being a lover of butter along with all his other heroic stories. But I wasn’t aware of this rock in Chennai! It’s so cool I got to know about it through your post 😊👍🏼

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  2. Very interesting!

    I am trying to choose ones of different places and not just Spain/the Basque Country, but I keep falling back on sea ones it seems!

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  3. jmacindoe says:

    Awesome shot!

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  4. That’s quite awesome!

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