7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 6

We were nominated by fellow blogger, ProjectRelish, for a seven-day photo challenge, so we will be posting one of our nature pictures every day for the next seven days.

For day 6, we chose a photo of a stately tree in Warwickshire, England (can a tree actually be stately?).  Our friends in Europe are probably looking at the tree and thinking, “there’s nothing particularly interesting about that tree”, but for us, we don’t see trees like that, especially in Colorado.  It was such a beautiful autumn day and the blue sky just seemed to wrap itself around the top of the tree.  We found the English countryside to be absolutely beautiful and we’re really glad that we didn’t limit our visit to England to just London.

Stately Tree

Rules: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else for seven consecutive days.

Nominating Blue Luminance, who has a site with incredible photography of nature and Australia.

Here is a picture of the English countryside that we took from the top of Warwick Castle.

Sheep Grazing in the Field
Sheep Grazing in the Field


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