Springtime in the Rockies

So, technically we’re in the front range and not in the mountains, but March and April are our snowiest months.  On Tuesday, it was sunny and warm and then yesterday we were in the midst of a blizzard with over a foot of snow and sixty mile an hour winds.  When we talk to people who aren’t familiar with Colorado, they assume that getting snow like that is pretty common, but really it isn’t.  Normally we get a couple of inches of snow and then it goes away the next day, so this was definitely unexpected.  In fact, the storm was so bad that it closed Denver International Airport for only the third time since its been open.  All highways between Denver and Colorado Springs were closed as well as from Denver and Colorado Springs to Kansas were also closed, stranding hundreds of motorists.  The national guard was called out to rescue stranded motorists as this storm caught everyone off-guard.

It Didn't Start Out Too Bad

It Didn’t Start Out Too Bad

But as We Drove, It Got Worse

But as We Drove, It Got Worse

And Worse

And Worse

During a storm of this magnitude, it is recommended that you stay off the roads unless you absolutely have to go someplace.  Unfortunately, we had to get on the roads for a short while and it was a harrowing experience.  We thought that driving in Iceland was white knuckle driving, but compared to yesterday, that was a walk in the park.  At times the wind and snow was causing true whiteout conditions where we couldn’t see more than a couple of feet in front of the car.  In fact, we almost missed the turn into our neighborhood because we literally couldn’t see the intersection.  Fortunately, we made it home safely and were happy not to be on the road anymore.

Then It Was Down Right Dangerous

Then It Was Down Right Dangerous

We Couldn't See Anything

We Couldn’t See Anything – There Are Cars Ahead of Us

We Couldn't Wait to Get Home

We Couldn’t Wait to Get Home

It Was Quite the Drive

It Was Quite the Drive


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6 Responses to Springtime in the Rockies

  1. Bea dM says:

    Must have been stressful, but you did get a good photo out of it 🙂 I’m obviously joking, but it does look like we’re living on different planets: here it’s turned into mild spring weather!

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  2. Happy you got home safely after driving in that storm. I didn’t leave the house all day. It was beautiful and I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing them and again, glad you got home safely.

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  3. Omg I can only imagine the drive! When people think of snow, they feel it’s all nice and cute but often fail to see the dangerous side that it has to offer. Hope you are all safe and warm.

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