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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Admiration

There are a lot of traits that inspire admiration from us and a lot of other people. Loyalty, courage, self-sacrifice, and humility are just a few. So, when we think of the people we admire, our first thoughts go to … Continue reading

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Fountain Photo Challenge – Urban Fountains

Here is another photo for the urban fountain photo challenge. This is a photo of the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Square Philadelphia. Designed by Alexander Calder in 1924, the figures are of Native Americans meant to symbolize the three … Continue reading

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Attending Cultural Shows

When travelling, we try to go to a show that depicts the history and culture of the people where we are visiting. They can be a little bit hokey at times, but they are also pretty informative.  When we were in … Continue reading

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Breaking Through Barriers

There are plenty of obstacles to travelling. Time and money are the most obvious obstacles, but there are language barriers, accessibility constraints, conflicts and wars, and sometimes simply our own fears.  Sometimes the best way to overcome these obstacles is … Continue reading

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Baked Manicotti – Simple and Delicious

Manicotti is one of those meals that is perfect for any occasion and, best of all, it is even better the next day. When we’re looking for a meal that can satisfy our tastes as well as offer multiple dinner … Continue reading

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From Flowers to Clowns

This week, for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Red and Yellow, we decided to use this photograph of a flower from our backyard taken by our youngest daughter several years ago.  Red and yellow are such complimentary colors that you … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems of Santiago, Chile

Today we are featuring a guest blog from LocalAventura, who specialize in creating personalized Latin American adventures and are helping us with our upcoming trip next week.   Stand back Paris and Rome, Santiago Chile is coming. but rather than … Continue reading

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Some Hikes are Worth the Effort

When you go hiking in the mountains of Colorado, you expect the hikes to be fairly strenuous. Unless you’re going on a relatively short hike, there is most likely going to be a significant change in elevation.  After all, you’re … Continue reading

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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Abstract

We had a couple of ideas for this week’s photo challenge, abstract, but ultimately we decided on this photo that was taken from our yard several years ago. We actually get skies like that from time to time here in … Continue reading

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Our First Blog Award – THE LIEBSTER AWARD

We were very pleased to be nominated by Roxanne and Dimitri from for nominating us for the Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.  This … Continue reading

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