Cripple Creek, Colorado

We won’t get into the mountains again before we leave for Germany, but enjoy this post from about this same time last year.

Living The Q Life

We drove out to Cripple Creek, Colorado, last week while we were up in the mountains to look at the gorgeous autumn foliage.  Cripple Creek is an interesting town located in the mountains of Teller County and is well worth the drive to visit if you have the chance.  The biggest draw for tourists to visit Cripple Creek is that many of the historic buildings have been converted to casinos, but that certainly isn’t the only reason to go there.  In addition to the casinos, the town holds a variety of events throughout the year geared to bring tourists to the area, some of which are quite unique and fun.

Mural on Building Mural on Building

Main Street in Cripple Creek Main Street in Cripple Creek

This was our first time back to Cripple Creek in several years.  On our first trip to Cripple Creek, we went up specifically to play a few slots and generally just to…

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8 Responses to Cripple Creek, Colorado

  1. thisisyouth says:

    Cripple Creek is a weird little town!

    Last time I was here was on my grandma’s 98th birthday… old bird loves to gamble!

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  2. This post certainly made me smile. Cripple Creek is on our short list for this weekend. It is a great day trip and they have some of the best festivals we have visited. Ice Festival is really worth a trip also. Thanks for posting this.

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  3. Bea dM says:

    The place seems to have the sort of American local colour that we Europeans find so exotic 🙂

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