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Dining in Würzburg

We mentioned this the other day, but we were very fortunate to find a wonderful little restaurant in Würzburg over the past weekend. We were walking some of the side streets, trying to get away from the larger crowds around … Continue reading

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What Matters During the Holidays

We have several holiday traditions that we celebrate from year to year, but they aren’t what truly matters during this festive season. Regardless of where we are, it always comes down to caring, sharing, compassion, and family. This week’s Daily … Continue reading

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Windows to Another World

We have seen many beautiful windows throughout the years, from the stained glass of cathedrals to the shimmering windows of modern skyscrapers. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Windows, so we decided to use some photos that we have … Continue reading

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The Good and Bad of Our Weekend

It has been an interesting few days here in Germany to say the least. First of all, we had been greatly anticipating our youngest daughter’s arrival here in Frankfurt as she and a friend were going to Rome and Naples … Continue reading

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Christmas Markets and Traveling in Germany

We had heard a lot about how wonderful the Christmas markets would be before we ever left the United States to spend some time here in Germany. Even though the markets are just now being put together in Frankfurt and … Continue reading

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Across the Rooftops

We have shared photos of cities from the heights of a tall building or tower previously because they provide wonderful views of the city. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Roofs, so we decided to revisit the aerial views … Continue reading

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Delicious Goose Dinner

We were told the other day that it is goose season here in Germany at the moment. We decided to go ahead and have the goose dinner at our local restaurant and we couldn’t have been more pleased. The goose … Continue reading

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It Truly is a Small World After All

The more that you travel, the smaller the world truly feels. People are more the same than they are different, there are scenes of beauty everywhere, and every culture has contributed to our collective consciousness. For this week’s Daily Post … Continue reading

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Schönbrunn Palace

We saw many beautiful and historic buildings in Vienna, Austria, but the Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) was by far the most amazing. Unfortunately, they don’t allow photographs from inside of the palace, so we only have a few outside photos … Continue reading

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First Day in Vienna, Austria

We apologize for the relatively brief post, but we decided to take an impromptu visit to Vienna, Austria, for an three-day weekend. We flew in last night and have spent the day enjoying everything that Vienna has to offer. One … Continue reading

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