Dining in Würzburg

We mentioned this the other day, but we were very fortunate to find a wonderful little restaurant in Würzburg over the past weekend. We were walking some of the side streets, trying to get away from the larger crowds around the Christmas markets when we found Stachel, a restaurant established in 1413. The atmosphere was relaxing with wonderful stained glass windows and very unique chandeliers. In fact, we have found a lot of places to have beautiful chandeliers, which we have enjoyed seeing.

Roast Duck
Inside the Restaurant
Stained Glass Windows

We don’t usually do starters as well as an entrée, which we shared of course, but we decided to do so this particular day. Game food is definitely on the specialty menus these days, rabbit, duck, goose, and venison can be found at almost every authentic German restaurant. There are also a variety of seasonal soups, including chestnuts, Riesling, and potato soups. We decided to go ahead and get the black pudding, also known as blood pudding, which was served with roasted potatoes.

Trio of Soup, Potato, Beef Broth, Creamy Riesling
Black Pudding
Local Beer

For the entrée, we chose the half duck, which was definitely a lot of food for the two of us, but it was exquisite. Tender and moist, but the crispy skin was the highlight of the meal. We have had potato dumplings before and the ones that accompanied our duck were very similar, although it is hard to describe the texture of these springy sponges. A local beer was definitely the perfect pairing for the gamey taste of the duck.

Restaurant Menu
Another View of the Restaurant
Monkey Charms

Speaking of beer, our day started by stopping in a small pub as we arrived in town. We would later learn that there is a difference in how the people from the Bayern region view having a beer early in the day versus those in the Hessen region where Frankfurt sits. This was definitely the local watering hole and although it was only noon, there were not any empty seats as the local men gathered to share stories from the week and most likely talk politics and life.

Winter Beer
The Local Pub
We Felt a Little Out of Place

It isn’t all about beer, though, Germany has wonderful wines and we have enjoyed many of those as well. We ended our day by stopping by a wine bar, Weinstube, which carried local red and white wines. Their logo is a monkey drinking wine with a pretzel in his hand, so we shouldn’t have been surprised when our wine glasses arrived with a plastic monkey hanging from the lip. Some cheese covered bread to go with the wine made our food day complete. We probably won’t have a chance to visit Würzburg again, but we definitely enjoyed the food and drinks that we were able to have during our brief visit.

Wine at the Weinhaus
The Menu
Cheese Bread


What Matters During the Holidays

We have several holiday traditions that we celebrate from year to year, but they aren’t what truly matters during this festive season. Regardless of where we are, it always comes down to caring, sharing, compassion, and family. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Its’s Not This Time of Year Without… There are many things that remind us of the season, our Christmas tree, prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, or a fire in the fireplace. However, we have been away from home the past couple of Christmas’, which has helped us realize that it is about a phone call with loved ones, a card that says they are thinking of us, or most importantly, the two of us being together that is truly most important. Since this is a photo challenge, we have chosen a couple of photos taken during our travels at this time of year, probably a reason that we have always purchased unique holiday decorations from wherever we have been. We already have several spread out in our apartment here in Frankfurt to remind us that it is the holiday season, although a quick trip out of our door to the local Christmas market is all we really need to remind us that the holidays are upon 🎄.

Warwick Castle Decorated for Christmas
Christmas Market in Würzburg
Even Las Vegas does Christmas, Somewhat


Windows to Another World

We have seen many beautiful windows throughout the years, from the stained glass of cathedrals to the shimmering windows of modern skyscrapers. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Windows, so we decided to use some photos that we have taken in the past few weeks. Obviously the beautiful windows that adorn the cathedrals and churches throughout the world deserve special attention as the details are spectacular, but there is something special about a reflection in the windows of a modern building climbing towards the heavens that deserves equal attention. We have chosen a photo from here in Frankfurt that we took on our way to the train station where the sky was amazing and the windows captured it perfectly. If you look closely, you can even imagine the tower as a candle with a flame glowing from its rooftop.

Sunrise on the Windows
Sunrise on the Windows

We found the chocolates in Vienna to be very special and this window is a tribute to children around the world dreaming of a confectioners fantasy.

Chocolate Store Window in Vienna, Austria
Chocolate Store Window in Vienna, Austria

Stained glass windows from the Dom in Cologne

So Many Amazing Windows
So Many Amazing Windows

Reflections on the windows of a tower in Vienna, Austria.

Reflections of Vienna
Reflections of Vienna

Finally, a view looking out of the windows during our tour of the Lindt chocolate museum in Cologne.

Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain