Time Lapse

We don’t often take photos as a series, we tend to just point and shoot towards the objects that draw our attention. The one exception to this is with sunsets, which by now you know we truly love seeing. We will often take a series of pictures as the sun slowly descends from the sky until it finally leaves only the glow against the clouds to remind you that it was once above the horizon. For this week’s Daily Post Discover Challenge – One, Two, Three, we decided to show not just our favorite shot of a sunset, but instead show the sequence of shots that we captured.  We aren’t putting every photo here, but the photos are in the order in which they were taken. This was a sunset as seen from our house, or what used to be our house, in Colorado Springs earlier this year in April.


The First Photo that We Took


Zoomed Out a Little


Tried a Different Setting on the Camera


Turned Our Attention Away from the Sunset to the Stormy Clouds that Helped Create the Sunset


Back to the Sunset


The First Bird to Arrive


Now There were a Few Birds in the Trees


Three More Birds Arrive


Just Shadows in the Foreground


Starting to Focus on the Birds in the Tree


More Birds Arriving


We Saw an Interesting Swirling Cloud


The Sunset is Nearly Over, the Birds are Going to Bed


The Last Photo that We Took of the Sunset


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2 Responses to Time Lapse

  1. andybianco says:

    Sometimes the most simple things are the most beautiful. Beautiful post. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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