Frankfurt’s Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets started last week and they dominate the areas where we normally shop and eat. The markets have definitely been everything that we were expecting and heard that they would be. Lots and lots of food, Glühwein, Apfelwein, beer, candy, and souvenirs galore. We understand that Frankfurt’s markets are one of the larger Christmas markets, at least in terms of attendance, and the crowds have definitely shown up in full force. We aren’t ones to stay out too late, but from what we have heard, the crowds can get quite boisterous and it is quite the party with everyone who has had the fill of alcohol and food. It is hard not to have a good time with everyone enjoying themselves and a general feeling of celebration in the air.


Shiny Lights and Gathering Crowds


Enjoying the Celebration


Singing Christmas Carols


Row of Stalls


Plenty of Shopping

During the day, it is definitely a family affair as kids ride the merry-go-rounds and are amazed at the festively colored temporary buildings. It is amazing how elaborate these stalls can be considering that they are only in place for a month including restaurants with tables, wine stands with indoor seating areas, and stores with hundreds of shelves. As the day turns into night, the markets turn to more of an adult playground as more and more young adults make their way out to party with the Christmas spirit.


One of the Merry-Go-Rounds



Candy Vender



Christmas Decorations


Popcorn Stand


Temporary Restaurant

We made our way down to Alten Limpurg, one of favorite restaurants, but it was quite difficult to get there and we were lucky to get a seat. We definitely won’t be going there over the weekend as it is far to busy for us. The party goes on seven days a week, though, so we can probably make our way down there during a weekday when the crowds are not quite as bad. We have had bratwurst and currywurst from the stands and we will definitely be getting some roasted chestnuts soon. We have also had some chocolates and will have a few specialties from Frankfurt over the coming weeks.


Inside Our Favorite Bar


Shopping in the Market


Elaborate Temporary Buildings


Glühwein Vender


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4 Responses to Frankfurt’s Christmas Markets

  1. Lovely. Germans do it better when it comes to Christmas markets, it’s a fact! 🙂 just wrote a post on Austrian markets with the similar spirit. 🙂

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  2. Inger says:

    This looks lovely, they really have amazing Christmas markets in Germany. And delicious Glühwein:)

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