AdAmAn Club – New Year’s Eve on Pikes Peak

We are sitting at the airport getting ready to fly to Athens and thinking about what an interesting year it has been. We haven’t had time to truly reflect on everything that we have experienced, but we thought that we would re-share a post that we published a year ago. We miss Colorado, but we have been too busy for it to actually sink in. In fact, at this point, we are trying to figure out how we can stay in Europe. Happy New Years in advance to everyone, we promise to be back to a more normal schedule after the holidays!

Living The Q Life

Picture of New Year's Eve Fireworks - Source Unknown, But Not Our Photograph Picture of New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Source Unknown, But Not Our Photograph

Living at the base of “America’s Mountain”, Pikes Peak, provides some truly wonderful scenery. The summit, at 14,110 feet (about 4300 meters), looms above Colorado Springs and is a constant reminder of what a beautiful state that we live in. One of our favorite New Year’s Eve traditions is going out into our front yard, weather permitting, and watching the firework display from the top of Pikes Peak. The AdAmAn club has been climbing to the top of Pikes Peak every year since 1922 to light up the night sky.  We stand in awe as we watch the fireworks, not so much of the light display, but of the members who have hiked to top of the peak to set them off for all of us to see.

Pikes Peak from the Cog Railway Pikes Peak from the Cog Railway

View from the Summit View from the…

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12 Responses to AdAmAn Club – New Year’s Eve on Pikes Peak

  1. Happy 2017! Crossing my fingers that you can stay in Europe if that’s what you want! It really grows on you.

    Pike’s Peak looks amazing. One summer I’m going to have to spend Stateside revisiting places out west I haven’t seen since I was 12 or younger.

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  2. Bea dM says:

    You never stop, huh? Athens 🙂 The fireworks are beautiful, hope your 2017 is a really good one, and that you manage to stay this side of the Big Pond!


  3. Pike’s Peak is so gorgeous! Would love to be able to return to it someday. Happy New Year! Wishing you the best of it all.

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