The Food of Romania

No matter where we visit, one of the important things for us is to taste the traditional foods of the region. Visiting Romania was no exception and we asked all of the locals that we met what foods we should eat while we were there. We were able to try the greatest variety of food while we were in Brasov, but we understand that these were typical meals that could be found throughout the country. What we heard over and over again was that we needed to try the polenta with a spicy pepper as well as the cabbage rolls, so we definitely wanted to give that a try.


Stuffed Cabbage and Grape Leaves with Polenta


Mushroom Soup


Lamb with Polenta

Pork dominated most menus, but there plenty of other choices as well.  We did find that most meals did not utilize a lot of spices, although they were almost all hearty in nature. There are definitely influences from countries throughout the region, so it should be no surprise that we found treats like Baklava on various menus in addition to those unique to Romania. One of the more interesting meals that we ate was a pork loin filled with goat cheese and spinach with a black currant sauce.


Stuffed Pork Loin




A Toast to Romania

Our photos will not do the food true justice, but we did enjoy trying some of the various dishes from Romania. At some point, when we have a chance, we will likely try to recreate some of these on our own, but we will likely tweak them a little to include a few more spices.


Fried Pork and Goose Fat


Whiskey Sour


Pickled Sauerkraut


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20 Responses to The Food of Romania

  1. heimwee2456 says:

    amazing article! loved it 🙂

  2. fravitch says:

    We have some Romanian friends and visit them every year. I love the mushroom soup so much!! 🙂

  3. Marilyne says:

    It looks amazing.

  4. Bea dM says:

    “Hearty” seems like an understatement 🙂 I was surprised to see the grape leaves that are typically Mediterranean.

  5. Looks absolutely scrumptious. How beautifully presented is that mushroom soup.

  6. redmari1 says:

    There is so much visible textures in these foods! Definitely hearty..

  7. Look absolutely delicious! Never tried Romanian food though.

  8. I loved Romania when I visited. What a country with spirit and pride!

  9. SandraDB says:

    Stuffed cabagge leaves 🙂 – it is called “sarma” in Croatia. I see we have very similar kitchen with Romania. How was the wine? It looks like sparkling?

  10. chefkreso says:

    Everything looks very delicious, thanks for sharing! 😁

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