Exploring the Roman Forum

Located adjacent to the Colosseum are the ruins of the Roman Forum. As with many other ancient ruins, when walking the grounds of the Roman Forum, one can’t help but imagine all of the individuals who influenced the history of the world walking those same steps. There are so many historic ruins that come from a variety of centuries that purchasing a guide book to fully understand the history of the site is highly recommended.


View of the Roman Forum from Above


Walking the Grounds


Centuries of History


So Many Ruins


Ancient Columns

The Roman Forum grew organically over time, so it’s layout can seem a little haphazard compared to other historical sites. It is well worth looking at the grounds of the forum from both eye-level as well as from above. Seeing the ruins from above provides the opportunity to understand the complexity of the historic site.




Looking Up at the Temple


Some Buildings are still Standing


So Much to See


Another View from Above

We found the ruins of the Roman Forum to be some of the most interesting archeological sites that we have had the pleasure to visit. Too many people only visit the Colosseum and don’t take the time to walk through the Roman Forum. It is truly a fascinating site and is not only well worth visiting, but should be a highlight of anyone’s visit to Rome.


In the Middle of the Forum


Dominating the Skyline


Such a Fascinating Sight to See


Line of Statues


The Roman Forum


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10 Responses to Exploring the Roman Forum

  1. Been there. Magnificent place. Have to be back though.

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  2. So much history here. I love looking around such ruins.

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  3. Bea dM says:

    You are so right. As long as you’re here, and if time’s an issue, drop visiting the Coliseum !

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  4. Jonno says:

    Fabulous photos and great post. The Forum is one of the worlds most incredible places and so interesting. Love to return one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rome is such a bucket list destination for me!!

    (Check out my post on my bucket list cities to visit if you’re interested: https://earthsmagicalplaces.com/2017/04/10/bucket-list-top-5-cities-to-visit/ )

    The Roman Forum especially looks incredible! You’re photos from above are breath-taking… So much to see haha! I’ll definitely follow your advise on purchasing a guide book on my eventual visit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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