Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend so we took advantage of it to go on a short hike. This was our first time hiking the Red Rock Canyon Open Space, which is located between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The scenery is very much like that of Garden of the Gods park and there are plenty of interesting rock formations to see as you stroll along the trails.


Walking One of the Trails


Beautiful Rock Formations


Diversity along the Trail


Not Just Red Rocks


Jutting Rocks

The trails are not particularly difficult and there are plenty of families and people with dogs, but the park is spread out enough that despite large crowds it is still a tranquil experience. As we walked along the trails, we came across a group of volunteers who were spending their Sunday repairing the trails and adding steps along a portion of one of the trails. We stopped to take their picture for them and took one of them ourselves and thanked them for their volunteerism and hard work.


Volunteers on the Trail




Rocky Trail


Beautiful Day


Rugged Scenery

It is hard to believe that we have lived in Colorado Springs for over twenty years and yet had not gone hiking on these trails before. We will definitely return on future occasions to explore more of the open land space and enjoy all of the natural beauty. We live in such a beautiful place and are lucky to be able to go hiking in just a few minutes and be surrounded by such natural wonders.


Start of the Trail


Pikes Peak in the Distance


It was a Wonderful Hike


Clear Blue Skies


Garden of the Gods in the Distance


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3 Responses to Red Rock Canyon Open Space

  1. Just wonderful. I can never get enough of Western USA

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  2. Bea dM says:

    I like the wildflowers best 🙂

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