We Miss the European Rail System

Being back in the United States for a couple of months now, there are several things that we miss about our time in Europe. One of the most profound things that we miss is the train system and how easy it was to use, the places we could get to, and the relative low cost of travel. We took the train all over Germany as well as to travel to some nearby countries such as France and Nederland. One story that we have relayed many times to our friends here in the States is sitting in a restaurant on a Wednesday evening and saying to one another, “Where do you want to go this weekend? What about Paris?” and then booking tickets for a four-hour train ride. It is just that quick and easy to pick a destination and purchase a ticket. Even our train ride through Romania was easy and convenient, although it did come with memories of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. For this week’sĀ Cee’s Which Way Challenge, we thought that we would share a few photos of some of the trains and train stations that make us wish that there was a better transportation system here at home.

Train Arriving to the Station
Romanian Train Station
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)
Food Car
Cargo Train at the Station
Station Entrance
Train Coming into the Station
View from the Train in Romania
First Class Cabin



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