Images from the Past

Since the dawn of man, cultures have been capturing images of themselves, their gods, and their lives in some form or another. Starting early on with cave drawings and then carving images out of stone. It is an important way that people have shared their beliefs and passed down their stories through time. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Heritage, so we decided to share some photos from Tiwanaku. The civilization that created these statues inhabited the areas of Bolivia and Peru over three-thousand years ago. Looking at their artwork is a window into the culture of these very mysterious, but sophisticated people.


Statue at the Center of the Akapana Pyramid


One of the Statues


Faded Statues


Gate of the Sun


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4 Responses to Images from the Past

  1. Adventure 57 says:

    I’ve seen these in pictures and would love to be able to see them one day in person!! So lucky to be able to travel the world like you do!

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  3. ralietravels says:

    Some “selfies” take longer than others.

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