The Versatile NeatPack (PROMO Code for Discount)

Every now and then, we come across a product for traveling that we want to share our thoughts about. When it comes to having something to carry around everything you need while touring a city or even going on a short hike, the NeatPack by Neatpackbags has everything that we are looking for. We chose the Sling Bag, which has a handy spot for a cell phone on the shoulder strap and pockets to store a wide variety of items you might bring with you. There is ample space in the center for our camera equipment and there is a spot for a water bottle as well. The bag itself is lightweight and comfortable to carry, even when full of our various travel needs such as maps, first aid kit, and photography equipment.

To purchase, go to Amazon and use PROMO Code Living10 to receive a 10% discount at checkout.


NeatPack Sling Bag


Taking it for a Hike

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5 Responses to The Versatile NeatPack (PROMO Code for Discount)

  1. Diana says:

    Okay, now this is nifty, I might just have to buy myself one!

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  2. Thanks so much for including the link…..already checked out a few of their products, also like the video reviews they have on their site too!

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  3. Info Africa says:

    Great Product here. I will try it out someday.

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