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Riquewihr and the Wine Road in Alsace, France

During our visit to Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France, we did a day tour on the wine road. The highlight of the tour was visiting the old, walled town of Riquewihr with its historic charm. From what we … Continue reading

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The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

We really enjoyed traveling around Southern Spain and one of the highlights of our trip was staying a couple of days in Granada and visiting the Alhambra fortress and palace. Before traveling to Spain, we weren’t aware of how much … Continue reading

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What Matters at the End of the Day

Like everyone else, we truly enjoy traveling and getting to see so many fascinating places. It is what drives us to discover different countries and cities that we might have never visited. But why take the time to write about … Continue reading

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An Overwhelming, Emotional Experience

When we visited New York City in July of 2015, we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Walking through the exhibit was almost surreal. Despite the number of people, it was so quiet that you literally could have heard … Continue reading

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Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

We love visiting Chicago, it is one of our favorite cities in the United States. For a bigger city, people are friendly and it is easy to get around, at least the downtown loop area. Obviously, there are parts of … Continue reading

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Parasailing – Just for the Thrill of It

If you have ever been to a beach resort, you are likely to have seen the boats pulling parasailers around above the ocean waters. Strapping yourself into a harness that is connected to an over-sized parachute and being hauled by … Continue reading

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The Un-Luck of the Irish

The one trip that we knew we had to make during our six months in Europe was to Ireland. Both of our families have strong Irish ancestry, so we definitely wanted to visit the land of our heritage. We also … Continue reading

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The Vatican Museums in Vatican City

When traveling to Rome, one of the highlights is taking the time to visit Vatican City and specifically the Vatican Museums. Throughout history, the Popes have collected artistic treasures from throughout the world. The majority of the artwork that the … Continue reading

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Floating Temples in Chennai, India

We saw many different temples during our trip to Chennai and each of them was interesting in its own way. One of the styles of temples that we saw were ones that were built on columns, both in the water … Continue reading

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Hand-Pressed Olive Oil in Ronda, Spain

When we were in Ronda, Spain, a couple of years ago, we went to an olive oil factory where the local growers brought there harvests to be pressed into olive oil. It was fascinating to see how the olives were … Continue reading

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