Shopping in Europe is Different


The Apothecary on Our Street

When we moved into our apartment in Frankfurt, one of the things that we had to get used to was where to go to buy certain things. In the United States, we are used to large chain stores that carry anything and everything that you need. That isn’t necessarily the same in Europe, at least where we were staying. If you need medicine, you went to the apothecary. If you want fresh meat, you went to the local deli. If you want fresh baked goods, you went to the bakery. During our last few days in Germany, we took some photos of the walk along the sidewalk from our apartment to our favorite restaurant.


Our Apartment Building in Frankfurt


Apothecary Entrance


Our Deli

Another thing that we got used to during our time in Frankfurt was having an aperitif after our meals, something that we don’t see too many people doing here in the States. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is photos of things that start with the letters AP. Here are some pictures of our apartment building, the apothecary on the corner of our street, and the aperitifs that accompanied our meals.




Sidewalk Leading to the Opera House


Another Aperitif

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8 Responses to Shopping in Europe is Different

  1. Very interesting post. Love the photos!


  2. thegreyeye says:

    Do you find Frankfurt cheaper than US

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  3. I completely agree with you.Shopping in Germany is a trail of shops. Its rare to find a supermarket or shopping mall who has everything.


  4. mixedbaggweb says:

    I find it so interesting how different the way of life is oversees. Its so refreshing to immerse yourself in another culture.

    Share your adventure with us and earn!

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