Falcon Trail on the Air Force Academy


Yellow Wildflowers

We decided to hike a trail on the grounds of the Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs. The Falcon Trail is a trail that we have never hiked before and it is a 13 mile loop, but we just did a few miles of it. Since we have had a rather wet summer, the wildflowers have been in full bloom and we enjoyed seeing quite a variety of them during our hike.


Beautiful Day


Many Different Wildflowers


Vibrant Colors


Crossing a Small Stream


Orange Wildflowers

The trail takes you through a variety of terrain from open fields to wooded hills. It was a warm day, so we enjoyed getting into the shade of the trees. The trail is considered to be a moderate trail, but the portion of the trail that we hiked was fairly easy. It is certainly a popular trail with mountain bikers, so you have to keep your eye out in order to avoid getting in their way.


Purple Wildflower


Walking along the Trail


So Many Different Types of Wildflowers


Walking Through the Wildflowers


The Beginning of the Hike

It is definitely a trail that we will likely hike again. Not a lot of people go onto the grounds of the Academy to go hiking, so it is nice way to get away from the crowds and get into nature without having to drive very far from the city.


Tall Wildflower


Stream along the Trail


Getting into the Trees


Solo Wildflower


Fuzzy Wildflower


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