Crossroads of Life

We all make decisions every day, some small and some large. Every now and then we need to make decisions that may change our lives going forward. Do we keep going the direction that we are on or do we turn right or left and change our course? It could be as simple as a decision like deciding to start this blog a couple of years ago or as complex as selling our home and moving to Europe for an extended period of time. Even the decision to travel to one place versus another can impact your life in ways that you never expected. Life is full of these seemingly inconsequential decisions that can ultimately change the course that you take going forward. We seem to be facing more and more complex decisions as of late and perhaps we are at a crossroads where life might make a drastic turn. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Corner, so we are sharing some photos of intersections representing where we are currently standing today, in the intersection of the past and future.


Crossing the Street in Prague


Intersection in Strasbourg


Corner in Reykjavik


Women on a Corner in Cochabamba


Rounding a Corner in Morocco


Intersection in Manitou Springs, Colorado

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8 Responses to Crossroads of Life

  1. Bea dM says:

    You reminded me of Robert Frost’s famous poem. I’d choose your Manitou Springs crossroads, which is pretty “exotic” for a European 🙂

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  2. I hope it will become clear which fork in the road to take.

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  4. odell01 says:

    I agree these are pretty to the eye and interesting for the variety of locales you present.

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  5. Shibin Dinesh says:

    Great photos! Keep clicking 🙂

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