Walking in the Steps of the Incan Empire

During our trip to Bolivia, we truly enjoyed visiting Incan ruins such as Incallajta and Tiwanaku. We learn so much about the ancient civilizations of Rome and Egypt, but very little is taught in schools about the Inca and the empire that they created in South America. Its size and political systems rivaled any other empire of the early 16th century. While we were in the ruins of Incallajta, we walked the same paths that the guards walked around the ancient city as they protected it from rival tribes that lived in the forests. Since there were no other tourists at the site and it was just us and our guide walking the trails, it was especially awe-inspiring. We climbed to about 11,000 feet (about 3,350 meters) where we had a spectacular view of the entire complex. Join us on the trails of the ancient Inca and walk with us as we traverse the outer wall of the ancient city of Incallajta.


Walking an Incan Trail


Looking Down on the Ruins


Walking along the Ancient Walls


Ancient Trails Converted to Roads


The Path of the Incan Guards


View from the Observatory

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9 Responses to Walking in the Steps of the Incan Empire

  1. lmm5591 says:

    Awesome photos!


  2. What an experience to have, walking those trails on your own and getting to imagine what life was like for the Incan guards back then.

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  3. Nice piece. Life is to live by doing what we love. Keep exploring.

    Talent hunter

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  4. HikingWoman says:

    That looks so amazing.

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  5. Jonno says:

    Fascinating stuff, Bolivia looks amazing and with so much history. We’d love to get down and see some of South America at some stage.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. map195 says:

    fascinating place


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