Saying Goodbye to Ecuador

After a very busy trip to Ecuador, it is finally time for us to return to Colorado. Our time in Ecuador was everything that we had hoped for, from climbing volcanoes to canoeing in the Amazon. We saw so many amazing sights during our two weeks and are looking forward to sharing each of our experiences. Ecuador has many different options for any traveler to enjoy and you can make it as adventurous or as relaxing as you would like. We did not go to the Galapagos Islands on this trip, so we will definitely plan a return trip at some point and focus solely on seeing that. Here are a few photos to provide a sense of the variety of things that we saw during our time in Ecuador.


Visiting the Equator


The First of Three Volcanoes


Old Town Quito


Scarlet Macaws in the Jungle


Cotopaxi, an Active Volcano

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11 Responses to Saying Goodbye to Ecuador

  1. I can’t believe you’re already back! Look forward to seeing even more photos…looks amazing.

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  2. Amazing post and mesmerizing photos. I would like to share them to my blog. If you are interested check this link:

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  3. Colorado’s changing aspen trees await you!

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  4. What great photos. I went to Ecuador about 8 years ago and I wish I had written down all the details!

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