Quick Weeknight Dinner

Happy International Taco Day 🙂

Living The Q Life

As hectic as our schedules are, we often look for quick and easy dinner options. Making tacos is definitely one of those types of meals that is tasty as well as easy.  Tacos are a great option because you can use almost any type of meat such as pork, chicken, beef, or you could even do a vegan option.  You can also cook the filling a variety of ways, cooked slowly and shredded, seared in a skillet like fajita meat, or ground meat simmered in a frying pan.  We’re not really doing a recipe this week because, as we said, this was a fast meal made easy.

Chicken Tacos Chicken Tacos

This was a childhood staple for both of us and we used to make it for our kids as well.  We went with the simple solution of browning ground meat, we chose ground chicken to make a little healthier, and then adding…

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  1. One of my favorite quick-to-fix meals!

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