San Francisco Convent in Quito, Ecuador

There are several sites to visit when you walk through Quito’s old town and San Francisco Convent is definitely one of the places to see. It is Quito’s oldest church and monastery and construction began in 1534 and was completed 70 years later. We did a self-guided tour and enjoyed walking through the various sections of the complex. The plaza outside of the church also provides wonderful views of the city skyline.


Looking Down at the Courtyard


View from the Plaza


Ornate Details


Church Replica


Looking Up from the Courtyard

The center courtyard feels like an oasis where you could sit and relax for hours. With its colorful flowers, palm trees, and even a pair of parrots to entertain you, it is quite impressive. We weren’t allowed to take photos in most parts of the church, but it is very beautiful. As you walk through the halls of the complex, you are able to see a variety of the over three thousand pieces of art that are hosed within the convent.


View of the Altar


Walking the Hallways


Beautiful Courtyard


Another View from the Plaza


Cute Parrots in the Courtyard

The plaza outside of the church can be quite busy as people congregate there to relax and enjoy the views. It only takes about an hour to fully tour the San Francisco Convent, but it is well worth the time.




Intricate Details


Standing in the Plaza


Beautiful Courtyard


Cuddling Parrots

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  1. It’s so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautifully pics…really lovely

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