Another Day in Paradise

We spent the last week in Cabo San Lucas, which is our favorite place to go and unwind from our hectic lives. This was definitely a vacation where we pretty much sat by the pool and watched the sun set every day. Unlike normal travel that is filled daily with different adventures and sightseeing activities, our time in Cabo is about relaxation and refueling our batteries. We have been to Cabo many times, so we didn’t plan any activities like parasailing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. We did go on a jazz cruise out to the arch, however, which was beautiful as always. After a week of silence, we should be back to our normal routine this week. Here are a few photos from our time at the beach last week.


Sunset at the Arch


View from Our Room


Looking Out from the Resort




Heading out on the Jazz Cruise


We Walked the Beach to a Favorite Restaurant


Sunset on the Jazz Cruise


Catamaran Race


Seagulls Overhead


Heading Home


Sunset over the Ocean

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6 Responses to Another Day in Paradise

  1. Love Cabo. Enjoyed your photos. Isn’t it nice to just go to relax. That was my summer in Colorado. Look forward to more of your photos.

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  2. theatkinsadventures says:

    Amazing photographs 🙂


  3. This looks like a beautiful spot to take some time out. Happy holidays.

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  4. Habiba Bien says:

    Lovely pics. I love sunsets 😍

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