Looking Back at 2017

This has been an interesting year with a lot of changes including moving back to the United States and changing jobs. We visited seven different countries including the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, France, Romania, Ireland, and Ecuador. We enjoyed each of those countries for various reasons. Obviously, having moved back to the US, our opportunity to visit different countries in 2018 has been reduced, but we hope to make a couple of trips to places that we haven’t visited before. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is 2017 Favorites, so we have tried to pick our favorite photo from each of those places. As we fly to Chicago tomorrow, we will likely be quieter than normal. We wish everyone Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year!


Amsterdam from the Roof of Our Hotel


Colosseum in Rome


Hiking Around the Rim of Quilotoa in Ecuador


Sunset Behind the Acropolis in Athens


Statue in Bucharest


The Eiffel Tower in Paris is Impressive even on a Rainy Day


View from Kilkenny Castle in Ireland


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12 Responses to Looking Back at 2017

  1. Happy holidays, safe travels, and a happy and healthy new year to you.

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  2. Dreamtemples says:

    Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed reading your posts very much as you traveled to so many places. Happy.holidays and a Wonderful New year to you too!

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  3. Happy holidays to you and your family. Those are beautiful photos; I especially like the one taken in Athens.

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  5. Jonno says:

    What a year! Great photos too. Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

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  6. Bea dM says:

    Glad to see you haven’t really stopped your travels. I trust you’ll enjoy (or have enjoyed) Chicago. Best wishes for the coming year, and see you again in blogland 🙂

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  7. Love your pictures! They make my heart sing…Thanks for sharing.

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