The Field Museum in Chicago

Main Museum Hall and Sue

We have visited the Field Museum in Chicago a couple of times now and have enjoyed each visit. There are several static exhibits as well as several temporary exhibits, which makes revisiting very worthwhile. One of the main reasons that we decided to go to the museum was because they currently have a Jurassic World Exhibit, which we had heard was really interesting. Unfortunately, it is in an outside tent that wraps around the museum and because of the sub-zero temperatures, it was closed the day of our visit. That didn’t stop us from fully enjoying our time at the museum, though.

Realistic Tiger Display
Stegosaurus Fossil
People of the Pacific Northwest Display

Of the permanent exhibits, there are two that are our favorites. The first is the Evolving Planet exhibit and the other is the Tsavo Lions exhibit. Whether you have children or not, seeing the dinosaur fossils and the wild animals displays are always fascinating. You can definitely expect to spend at least four to six hours when you visit the museum, especially if you want to watch any of the movies that are available.

Tsavo Lions
T-Rex, but not Sue

The Field Museum is probably most famous for its exhibit of Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It holds a prominent location in the main hall of the museum, but the head on the display is not Sue’s actual head as it is too heavy for the display. To see Sue’s actual head, you need to head upstairs and see the exhibit at the rear of the museum where the head is on display in a large glass case. Regardless of how much time you have in Chicago, take time to visit the Field Museum.

Sue’s Head
Recreating a Dinosaur


Unconventional Food in Chicago

We have been to Chicago several times and have eaten traditional foods such as deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and Italian beef hoagies. During our most recent trip, the temperatures averaged below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) with wind chill temperatures that were between -15 and -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 and -32 degrees Celsius). With temperatures that cold, it was hard not to just have soup to keep us warm, which we did a few times. We had a variety of food from Italian, American, and even Irish. We did have a pizza, but we not big fans of deep dish pizzas, so we chose a thin crust pizza.

Frozen River from the Michigan Street Bridge
Thin Crust Pizza
Curry Deviled Eggs with Pickled Radish and Caviar
Seafood Pasta

Of the things that we ate, some of our favorites were a seafood pasta with black linguini as well as homemade ravioli. One of our favorite restaurants to visit when we go to Chicago is Ditka’s, which is a traditional steakhouse, but we tend to eat lighter meals when we go there. We actually visited twice and did have a steak, but we also had oyster shooters and then later had a crab bisque, filet mignon sliders, as well as a delicious raspberry cheesecake.

Oyster Shooters
Filet Sliders
Raspberry Cheesecake

We always try to find an Irish Pub during our travels and Chicago is certainly a great place to find one. We ended up going to the Emerald Loop, also a couple of times, and had a wonderful Irish breakfast, corned beef sandwich, and a seafood curry, which they considered to be an Irish dish. You may wonder why we went to the same places more than once during our visit and the answer is quite simple, it was too cold to walk around and go exploring and the Emerald Loop was less than a five minute walk away and we went to Ditka’s for dinner and then later for afternoon snacks.

Irish Breakfast
Seafood Curry
Corned Beef Sandwich
Cold and Snowy

Overall, our visit to Chicago was wonderful as always, despite the frigid temperatures. We look forward to our next visit to Chicago, although it will likely be during a warmer season. Chicago has such a wonderful variety of food and it is definitely a place where you can find things to eat that will suit any palate.

Soup and a Sandwich
Crab Bisque


Lake Titicaca

Whether visiting Peru or Bolivia, it is definitely worth taking the time to visit Lake Titicaca. The lake extends into both countries and has several islands with Incan ruins that are thousands of years old. Obviously, we visited from the Bolivian side of the lake and we visited both Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) as well as Isla de la Luna (Island of the Moon), which were fascinating. There are several tour companies that will take you out to the islands via boat or hydrofoil and it is even possible to spend the night on Sun Island. Our trip out onto the lake started out a little choppy as a single rain cloud seemed to follow us out to the island. We even saw a waterspout at one point and had to take cover inside of the cabin of the boat. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, words that have two T’s, we decided to look back on our time on Lake Titicaca. We saw many interesting things during our time in Bolivia, but visiting the ruins on the lake was certainly one of the highlights of our time there.

Cruising on Lake Titicaca
Temple on Sun Island with Moon Island in the Distance on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Ruins on the Island
Start of the Waterspout