Nuremberg Trial Courthouse

You don’t need to be a history buff to visit the famous courthouse in Nuremberg where the trials of the leaders of the Nazi party were held following the end of WWII. It is a stark reminder of the horrors that people are capable of when their power is left unchecked. It was also probably the most notable use of international law to punish those who committed the atrocities of the Holocaust as well as other war crimes. The courthouse is a short distance from the old town area of Nuremberg, but it is worth taking the time to visit this famous location.

Famous Courtroom
Entrance to the Courthouse

As you take your self-guided tour of the courthouse, there are video stations at the different seats that allow you to see actual footage of the court hearings and listen to the prosecutors, judges, defendants, and others giving testimony. Hearing and seeing these moments from the past is certainly fascinating, although it is almost seems a little surreal. It is important for all generations to understand the significance of what occurred during this horrific period of our history. As you watch the trials through the footage taken at the time, you understand that these were real people, not just mythological figures in history books, who made decisions that seem unfathomable to us now.

Ornate Doorframe
Large Courthouse Grounds
Courthouse Rooms

Visiting courthouses and prisons aren’t often on the top of anyone’s trip itinerary, but there are times when it is important to make a point to visit these places. As a society, we turn these types of places into museums and historical landmarks as reminder of not only what happened, but also what the human race is capable of if we turn a blind eye to events that unfold around us. These might not be the most beautiful locations, nor should they be, but that doesn’t necessarily lesson the impression that they make upon you.

View as We Left the Courthouse


A Taste of Austin, Texas

Austin may be known for its barbeque, but there are a lot more food options than just smoked meats. With its proximity to Houston, there is an abundance of seafood and the restaurants offer everything from comfort food to creative plates that are sure to please. Needless to say, we could only sample a few of the many restaurants in this historic old city, but we enjoyed everything that we were able to taste. It isn’t just the food, though, the ambiance and historic feel of many of the restaurants provide an atmosphere that invites you with southern charm or surround you with a feeling of elegance.

Ironworks Barbeque
Red Beans and Rice
Irish Pub

We definitely had to get some barbeque while we were in Austin and, to be more specific, we had to get some beef brisket. As always, we asked the locals for recommendations and received several, but we decided to go to the Ironworks in the Red River District. Fortunately for us, we arrived early as the line was starting to really grow by the time we left. We sat at the outside deck, slathered our sandwich with barbeque sauce, and had some corn on the cob and potato salad. The brisket literally melted in your mouth it was so tender from being smoked over a low heat for hours.

Moonshine Grill
Beef Brisket Sandwich
Local Beer

For seafood, we had two very unique and different experiences. In downtown Austin, we went to Truluck’s Seafood Restaurant for an upscale dining experience. We couldn’t resist getting a dozen oysters on the half shell, but the escargot was different than usual and the presentation of their shrimp cocktail was equal to the restaurant’s atmosphere. For pure comfort food, we went to Sam’s Boat in the suburbs of Austin, which was near our hotel. With its abundance of options like po-boys, fried oysters, crawfish, and shrimp, they offered seafood comfort food.

Rooftop Bar
Line Forming
Crab Queso

For more unique experiences, we went to a couple of different taverns for drinks as well as small bites. We enjoyed Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill in the Red River District, which had a good happy hour and friendly bar staff. They offer a nice variety of southern and Texas options, all with their eclectic flair. The Southern Grit Cake was definitely an unusual option with fried crawfish, aioli, and hot sauce served over a grit cake. For a wide variety of local beers, North by Northwest (NXNW) couldn’t be beat. They too were located in the Arboretum area of Texas and were relatively new, but that didn’t keep the crowds from filling up their outdoor seating area.

Oysters on the Half Shell
Shrimp Cocktail

We seem to find an Irish pub wherever we go and Austin was no different. We enjoyed an Irish Boxty while listening to some wonderful country-western music. We could have spent all afternoon sitting and listening the band if it weren’t for the fact that we had places to go. For a classic cocktail, the Driskill Bar inside of the famous landmark hotel serves up anything that you like in an relaxed, yet upscale, atmosphere. There are also many rooftop bars in downtown Austin that will give you great views of the city and a refreshing drink while you try to beat the heat.

Cajun Mac and Cheese
Patio Bar

Regardless of your style of dining, Austin has something for everyone. If you make your way to Texas, you have to try some barbeque, but don’t be afraid to try something a little more unique. Austin claims that they are “weird”, but really they are just authentic, friendly, and have a true southern charm. We are looking forward to our next visit where we can try even more of the wonderful options that Austin has to offer.

Driskill Bar
Patio Bar
Upscale Seafood

Us Against the World

Do you ever feel like everything in the world is conspiring against you? There are definitely times when we feel like no one else really understands what we are trying to do or why we are trying to do it. Why do we take the time to write posts almost every day, why do we travel to far away places instead of traveling to see family, why do we spend so much energy working on something that doesn’t make much money? These are all questions that we get asked by friends and family. As if writing a travel blog is a hobby that we do in our spare time as opposed to something that can be more significant than that. We are generally positive people, so we do our best to push some of the negative commentary out of our minds. At the end of the day, we know that are not alone and that there is a community of like-minded people for us to connect with. Do you ever feel the same way, do people question why you do what you do at times?

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Lone Statue in Romania
Sad Monkey in Gibraltar
Isolated Cabin in Iceland