Winding Your Way Through the Mountains

Living in a place that is surrounded by mountains, one thing that is clear is that the shortest distance between two places is not a straight line. Roads have to twist and wind based upon the contour of the land. Especially with high mountain passes that can be closed because of snow on a frequent bases, it also becomes important to provide ways to wind through the valleys so that you can avoid those high mountain passes. Driving through the Andes mountains in South America was a clear example of these winding roads that navigate the rugged scenery. Also, with such steep slopes, using switch-backs that go back and forth allow for vehicles to go up or down in a relatively safe manner. After passing through the mountain passes, we descended down the other side using Death Road. It has since been replaced by a modern highway, but it still draws travelers like us, especially those that want to ride bicycles down the twisting road. Roads like these are definitely ones that prove the saying that the journeys is as rewarding as the destination.


Winding Road Through the Andes


Looking Down at Part of Death Road


Climbing High Up the Side of the Mountain


Winding Down Death Road


Roads Carved into the Side of the Mountain


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  1. Meg says:

    Reminds me of some scarey car rides I’ve had in my time! M

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  3. Suddenly Ute Pass does not look so bad! 😊

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