Hiking Around a Mountain Lake

There probably isn’t anything more relaxing than getting away from the crowds and walking around a lake in the mountains with no one else around. With temperatures heating up, we are enjoying hiking once again and the higher altitudes mean more comfortable weather. We really enjoy this trail, which is one of our favorites, as we are able to make it as long or as short of a hike as we would like. We went on a weekday afternoon so that we could avoid the crowds and truly immerse ourselves into nature.


Beautiful Mountain Lake


Water on the Trail


Down on the Shore


Rugged Scenery


Looking Down at the Lake

The trail is located about 20 minutes from our house and takes you past a couple of reservoirs. The first part of the trail is relatively steep, but then it somewhat flattens out. As we always say, you can’t go hiking in the mountains without expecting some difficult terrain. There are often people fishing in the lakes or sitting on the shore enjoying a picnic. It certainly made for a relaxing afternoon and a good way to start getting back into hiking shape. We are planning to get on a trail again this weekend, but this time we expect to choose a trail that we’ve never hiked before.


More Views than Just the Lake


Wildflowers are Starting to Bloom


We Could Stand There for Hours


Boulders Along the Trail


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4 Responses to Hiking Around a Mountain Lake

  1. olehippies says:

    Now with my two new knees I am starting to get back in to hiking. I know what you mean about getting away like that. We live in Alaska and love to hike.

  2. A sweet spot to have so close to home!

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