Sunsets on the Nile River

We had heard that the sunsets in Egypt were amazing and we weren’t disappointed. During our four day cruise down the river, we saw several different sunsets over the palm trees that line the coast. Even when we were in Cairo, our hotel overlooked the Nile and we saw some beautiful sunsets over the city. As the hot day comes to an end and cooler air moves in, the winds pick up and send sand into the air, giving the sun something to reflect off of in the otherwise clear skies. We have always been a fan of watching sunsets, but these will always be particularly special to us.


Sunset in Cairo


It May Look Like the Moon, But It is the Sun


Sunset as We Departed Luxor

These are from Luxor after spending the day visiting the Valley of the Kings.


The Start of the Sunset


Simply Stunning


As a Bird Flies Toward the Sun

Another beautiful night as we left Edfu to head to Aswan.


From the Distance


Zooming In


Clear Sky

The view from our hotel in Cairo.


River in the Foreground


Orange Haze over the City


Lights Starting to Turn On


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3 Responses to Sunsets on the Nile River

  1. mnze1977 says:

    Love the sunsets it that part of the world!

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  2. ralietravels says:

    We try not to be fearful, but I wondered if security was a concern in Egypt.

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