Going to Extremes

The more that you travel, the more that you realize that the scenery of most places will remind you of some other place that you have visited. When we first started traveling we expected to be find everyplace that we visited to be strange and exotic, but were often surprised at how familiar the landscape actually was. Part of that is for obvious reasons. The various regions of the planet are by there very nature similar due to forces of nature and the climate. Also, the mind tends to try and make relations to what it has seen before as a coping mechanism to keep from becoming overwhelmed.

Andes Mountains in South America
Standing in the desert in Egypt

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t unique and special locations, there are many of them around the world. What it does mean is that sometimes you have to go some extremes to truly experience something that is completely different than what you’ve seen before. The more that you do that, the more difficult it will become to find new ones. That is just a part of what makes traveling so addictive. If you have never been to the large mountains before, you will be awed by their magnificence. The next time you visit a place and see those peaks reaching for the sky, you will be reminded of your previous trip. The same is true of rainforests, arctic tundra, tropical islands, vast deserts, and dramatic canyons.

Amazon Rainforest
Lava Fields in Iceland in Winter

We certainly haven’t even been close to visiting every place around the world and we will continue to pursue those moments when we truly see scenery that is new and unique to us. The time of year can also change the way that a place looks, so seeing it in different seasons can also effect your perception of it. No doubt we will have plenty of moments where we say “doesn’t this place look a lot like…”. How far are you willing to go to find the places that aren’t like anything that you’ve ever seen before?

Great Sand Dunes in Colorado
View of the Quilotoa Caldera and Lagoon in Ecuador


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