Sunsets Over Water

We really enjoy watching a pretty sunset regardless of where we are traveling. We have seen many beautiful sunsets with the sun slowly descending below the horizon. Although we enjoy the sunsets that turn the mountains into gorgeous silhouettes, there is just something special about a sunset over a body of water. Whether it is an ocean, lake, or river, these sunsets have an almost therapeutic effect.


Sunset in the Costa Del Sol in Spain


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean


Sunset Over the Nile River

Perhaps it has something to do with the humidity in the air that transforms these sunsets. It also helps when there are clouds in the sky as they also reflect the rays from the sun. The only problem with looking back at photos from previous sunsets is that it makes us wish that we were on the beach right now.


Sunset in Puerto Vallarta


Sunset in Florida


Sunset in Cabo San Lucas


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2 Responses to Sunsets Over Water

  1. I love sunsets! Seeing a sunset wherever I travel is always on the agenda. It’s funny I read this now as I’m about to start writing up an entry for Aug. 20 about one of Spain’s most famous sunsets over the Atlantic πŸ™‚

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  2. Snuffy says:

    I agree, sunsets over water are so special! I love the different ways the colors are transformed on the water, whether it is rippled or smooth. πŸ™‚

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