Luxor Temple Complex in Egypt

The Luxor Temple Complex is certainly a highlight of any trip to Luxor, Egypt. Although, not as large as the Karnak Temple Complex, it is still quite impressive. One can only imagine what it must have been like 3000 years ago when both temples were in use and there was an avenue that connected the two complexes with statues of lions with different heads lining the entire road. Work is currently being done to restore the area between the two temples and it will be another amazing sight to see when visiting Luxor.


Statue within the Complex


Temple Entrance


The Avenue Between the Temples


Different Statues Lining the Avenue


Broken Statues

Unlike many of the other temples in Egypt, the Luxor Temple Complex is not dedicated to any specific god or specific king. Many of the pharaohs added temples to the complex, as with other temple complexes, including Amenhotep, Alexander, Ramesses II, and Tutankhamun. One interesting feature within the complex is the remains of a statue that was very much in the style of the Greek’s.


Greek Style Statue


Unique Painting next to Hieroglyphs


King and Queen Together


Dramatic Columns


Enormous Statues

The entrance to the Luxor Temple Complex is quite dramatic with the sitting statues of Ramses II on either side. In addition to all of the statues, there were also two obelisks in the complex, one of which is still standing. Another interesting aspect to the Luxor Temple is that there is a working mosque on the temple grounds. It is an example of how the modern world and ancient sites can become merged over time.


Walking Towards the Entrance


Mosque Inside of the Temple Complex


Rows of Columns




Obelisk and Statues

With so many different sites to see in Luxor such as the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Colossus of Memnon, and the Temple of Hatshepsut, it definitely takes at least a couple of days to visit. Even with all of these temples, tombs, statues, and historic sites, the Luxor Temple Complex is as important to see as these other sites.


Temple Courtyard




Standing Statue


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  1. The Greek statue makes me curious about possible interactions between the Egyptians and the Greek.

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  2. exactly like the luxor here in vegas…just kidding! these are beautiful pix!

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