Do You Have a Favorite Season to Travel?

Autumn (or fall) is truly our favorite time of year and we often travel during this season as it can be an off-season in many countries. The changing leaves are certainly part of the attraction for autumn, but we also enjoy the cooler temperatures and the anticipation of the holiday season. Because we live at a higher altitude, the trees change earlier here in Colorado than in most other places, so we often get to see the changing colors more than once during the season.


Autumn in Koblenz


Vibrant Colors in the Colorado Mountains


View down the River in Heidelberg

There are many festivals at this time of year, such as Oktoberfest, sausage festivals, and different markets, which makes it even more interesting. The list of places that we have visited in September, October, and November is quite long and the scenery can be quite varied. Obviously, the later that you travel into November, you have to take into account the potential for weather issues, but that can be a risk whenever you travel.


Changing Colors in Germany


Eiffel Tower and Autumn Leaves


Aspen Leaves and Blue Skies

There is something special about traveling during this time of year when the trees around the sights are vibrant with color. In our opinion, it only adds to the experience and we have many fond memories of seeing the countryside, mountains, and rivers. Is there a time of year when you prefer to travel?


Falling Leaves in Alexandria, Virginia


Contrasting Colors


Near Cripple Creek, Colorado


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9 Responses to Do You Have a Favorite Season to Travel?

  1. i love traveling in the fall too!

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  2. Mine would be autumn too.

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  3. Jonno says:

    Have to agree that Autumn has to be the best season to travel in.

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  4. Autumn is a definite for me, although spring is a close runner up!

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  5. I really like that Eiffel Tower photo.

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  6. thebeerwanderer says:

    Have always loved fall, too but spring is showing me some special things too.

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