Walking on Fallen Leaves

During autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, we love taking walks among the fallen leaves. Especially when there is a slight breeze and the leaves fall all around you. If the leaves are dry, the soft crunch as you walk along the trail or sidewalk makes for a relaxing background noise. It can be very colorful seeing all of the leaves spread all across the ground. It is no wonder that it is something that we revisit again and again in our photographs as it invokes such strong memories both visually as well as with the other senses. When looking at photographs like these, it is almost as if you can feel the breeze, smell the autumn air, and even hear the rustling of the leaves overhead.


Tree Lined Sidewalk


Entrance to a Castle Covered in Leaves


Leaves in a Park in Warwick


Cool Temperatures and Fallen Leaves


Colorado Trail


Walking Along the Rhine River


Leaves Blowing on the Sidewalk


Leaves Beneath the Trees


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7 Responses to Walking on Fallen Leaves

  1. yamey says:

    Lovely blog post. Shame that winter is approching.

  2. lesleyconnor says:

    Also love autumn leaves. Is one thing I really miss about Canberra – we mainly have eucalypts and other evergreens on the coast.

  3. akitchener says:


  4. thebeerwanderer says:

    Love this time of year.

  5. I love Autumn. 🍁🍂🌾

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