Floors and Ceilings at the Vatican Museums

There are a few places where the floors, ceilings, and even the walls can be just as fascinating as the pieces of art or furniture that are in them. The Vatican Museums are definitely such a place where no matter which way you look there seem to be beautiful geometric patterns or murals painted directly onto the ceiling. Obviously there is the Sistine Chapel, but just within the Vatican Museums themselves there is much to see beyond the famous artwork that is housed there. There are certainly many other palaces that we’ve visited that have very ornate floors and ceilings, but these are definitely some of the most interesting and beautiful. It isn’t often that you find yourself taking photographs of a floor, but just because it is beneath your feet doesn’t mean it can’t be art. It is certainly a reminder to not only look left and right, but to also look up and down as well.


Individual Art Combining to a Cohesive Ceiling


Looking Up at a Dome


Every Hallway’s Ceiling is Unique


Beautiful Floor


Connecting Patterns


Mural on the Ceiling


Symmetry above a Doorway


Another Dome


The Floor is as Interesting as Everything Else


So Many Murals Inside of a Dome


3 Dimensional Walls and Ceiling


Another Ceiling with Artwork


Archway and Dome


Colorful Walls and Ceiling


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5 Responses to Floors and Ceilings at the Vatican Museums

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Oh what grandeur there is at the Vatican. Wonderful patterns for this week 😀

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  2. rob.rodriguez says:

    Such a feast for your eyes!

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  3. It seems that not a millimetre of Vatican wall, floor, and ceiling is not decorated. It’s astounding, overwhelming, and mesmerizing all the same time. Thanks for sharing.

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