Saint Lorenz Church in Nuremberg, Germany

Located in the heart of old town in Nuremberg, St. Lorenz Church dominates the skyline. It is a medieval church that was built in the 1400’s, although it was largely damaged during WWII like many other buildings in Germany. Dedicated to St. Lawrence, the church has many interesting features, both in the interior as well as the exterior. St. Lorenz Church was built in the gothic architectural style and is the largest church in Nuremberg. Originally a Catholic church, the church was converted to Lutheran after the reformation.


Detailed Sculpture in the Choir Hall


Gothic Architecture of the St. Lorenz Church


High Ceilings


Stained Glass Windows


Medieval Artwork


One of the Towers of St. Lorenz Church


Ornate Stairs in the Church

One of the most prominent features within the church is the hall choir with its tabernacle. There is also some beautiful artwork that had been donated by wealthy citizens when it was first built and remains there even after the reformation. Like all gothic churches, the stained glass windows are also very stunning. With its high ceilings and large nave, the music of the organ and choir must sound beautiful inside of this wonderful church.


The Most Stunning Feature Inside of the Church


Walking Around the Church


Statue Up Close


Stained Glass and Plaques


St. Lorenz is the Church in the Background, St. Sebaldus is in the Foreground


Top of One of the Towers of St. Lorenz Church


Sculptures on the Columns in St. Lorenz

Although St. Lorenz Church is the most prominent church in Nuremberg, there is also the Church of Our Lady, which is another wonderful gothic style church in downtown Nuremberg. The mechanical clock on the front façade of the Church of Our Lady is one of the most interesting features of the church. We did not go inside of the Church of Our Lady, but we imagine that it is quite beautiful as well. There is also the St. Sebaldus Church, which has twin towers that look almost identical to those of St. Lorenz Church. When looking out from the Nuremberg Castle, both churches rise above the rooftops of old town. We definitely enjoyed our trip to Nuremberg and the St. Lorenz Church was definitely one of the highlights of our time in this historic city.


Church of Our Lady’s Mechanical Clock


Towers of St. Sebaldus


The Rear of St. Sebaldus Church


The Single Tower of Church of Our Lady


Walking Through St. Lorenz Church


Holiday Decorations Around the Altar


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  1. Beautiful post about my favorite church in my hometown. You described it very well! Thanks for sharing! Marcus

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    Do you wish to visit this beautiful church? Contact us, we have many river cruises going trough the Nuremburg.

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