The Architecture of Prague in the Czech Republic

There are many cities in Europe that have maintained their old-world charm and Prague is certainly one of them. There are so many interesting buildings in Prague that display various styles and unique features. One of the things that makes the architecture of Prague so fascinating is that it encompasses several styles including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. From the castle complex that looms over the old town of the city to the many unique towers throughout the city, there is so much to see. Even if you never stepped foot inside one of the amazing buildings, you could walk the streets for a couple of days and still find yourself in awe of the stunning architecture.


Walking the Streets of Prague


Variety of Architectural Styles


Wonderful Features of the Buildings


Fascinating Details


Pointed Towers in Prague


St. Vitus Cathedral

From the moment that we arrived in Prague, we focused our cameras at the faรงades of the buildings as we walked through old town. One of the reasons that the architecture of the city remains so diverse is that it was not destroyed during WWII and therefore didn’t need to be rebuilt like many other European cities. The Romanesque architecture is based on what you would expect, the style of the ancient romans with symmetrical designs, round arches and towers. This style of architecture spans back to the 9th century and lasted for about 400 years.


Every Street Provides Wonderful Views


Features at the Palace


Astrological Clock


Castle Complex


Buildings as a Work of Art


Domed Building

Prague, like a lot of cities throughout Europe, was highly influenced by the Gothic architecture of the 13th century. With the flying buttresses and pointed arches, the Gothic style can be found in more than just the St. Vitus Cathedral in the castle complex. Between their dark exteriors, gargoyles, and imposing size, the buildings seem to demonstrate the power of the church and put fear in the hearts of regular citizens. Today, these buildings are truly fascinating with all of the intricate details and impressive towers.


Contrasting Architecture


Gothic Clock Tower


One of the Many Streets in Prague


Looking Across the River


Standing in Front of the Palace


Another Clock Tower

Perhaps not surprisingly, following the Gothic period, the Renaissance architecture was lighter and more appealing. Based on Greek and Roman architecture with columns, symmetrical and geometric features, they are bright and open. Starting in Florence in the 15th century, the Renaissance style also features statues that were also influenced by the ancient works of Greece and Rome. These buildings provide quite a contrast to the darker Gothic buildings of the city.


Palace Building


Different Towers and Domes


Bridge Tower


Looking at the Building’s Features


Looking Towards Charles Bridge


View of Prague

There are other styles of architecture to be found in Prague that include Baroque, Classicism, and Historicism. Regardless of the period, walking the streets of Prague is truly a trip back into history. The contrasting styles located in such close proximity to each other, makes the experience even more fascinating. The architecture of Prague is part of what attracts so many visitors every year and has put the city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Building in the Castle Complex


Features of the Charles Bridge Tower


Statues on the Front of a Building


Another Building in Prague


More Buildings Along the River


Narrow Streets and Wonderful Architecture


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    We are visiting Prague for the first time in May so I enjoyed pictures and your blog post about your experiences. Now I am even more excited!

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    Brilliant photos of a wonderful city. Prague has so much character doesn’t it? Would love a return someday.

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    the church in the main square just took my breath away.

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    Great post and fantastic photos, would love to visit Prague one day ๐Ÿ˜€

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