First Full Day in Budapest

After a long, but uneventful flight to Budapest, we spent our first full day exploring yesterday. It was truly a wonderful day, full of sunshine and amazing sights. We walked part of the inner city, toured the castle district, and even did a dinner cruise on the Danube River. Today is a rainy and cool day, so we’ll be focusing on inside activities. We still have plenty to see, plus a trip planned to go to Bratislava, Slovakia. We are really looking forward to sharing our stories when we get home, but here are a few pictures of our first day.


Walking in the Castle District


Royal Palace


Tower in the Castle District


Palace Fountain


Mathias Church


Chain Bridge


Royal Palace at Night from the Dinner Cruise


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12 Responses to First Full Day in Budapest

  1. karmenclair says:

    Wow – the architecture is stunning!

  2. Gorgeous! Brings back memories from the past. The River Cruise is a great way to see the sites from the water.

  3. These guys have great embodiment of architecture.
    Good stuff!

  4. Wonderful architecture. Love the night photo from the cruise.

  5. chjazwinski says:

    I was in Budapest for five days last August. It is an amazing city! Your photos brought back memories.

  6. jasonlikestotravel says:

    Glad you enjoyed your first day, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you got up to. I loved Budapest, I think Bratislava is underrated too.

  7. robonholiday says:

    Budapest looks like an amazing city to visit. Can’t wait to go next year.

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