Kilkenny Castle in Ireland

During our trip to Ireland, we really enjoyed visiting Kilkenny Castle in the quaint city of Kilkenny. Construction began on the castle in the twelfth century and it is truly a magnificent residence. You are able to take a self-guided tour of the interior and exterior of the castle and it is well worth taking a couple of hours to visit the beautiful castle and gardens.

Walking to the Castle
Beautiful Castle
Elegant Dining Room
View of the Garden
Castle Entrance
Walking Around the Castle

It may have been a cloudy day during our visit to Kilkenny, but that didn’t distract from the beauty of the historic home. It was the home of the Butler family from 1391 to 1967 when it was granted to the people of Kilkenny. The rooms have been preserved to show the day-to-day living of the previous residents and provide a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy inhabitants.

Children’s Toys
Marble Fireplace
Small Piano
Family Art Gallery and Ballroom
Castle Hallway

The views from the castle’s rooms as well as the lawns are spectacular. The River Nore runs next to the castle and leads towards the heart of the city, where, in the distance, the cathedral towers dominate the skyline over the heart of Kilkenny. We have visited several castles during our time in Europe and Kilkenny Castle is definitely one of the best preserved castles and was well worth taking the time to visit.

View from the Castle
The River Nore
Looking out the Castle Window
Family Crest
Kilkenny City
Stunning Castle
Looking Up
Another View


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  • Your photos brought back a memory. It was late at night and pouring with rain when we arrived in Dublin on our way to visit family in Waterford. We had to share a taxi with another couple who were dropped off first. Our driver accidentally gave my vanity case containing all my lotions and potions, to the other passengers. I was naturally devastated when I discovered my loss. Anyway, the next morning we contacted the taxi service who arranged for us to meet up with my lost luggage outside Kilkenny castle. What a relief that was. 😅 We had other plans for the rest of the day, so didn’t actually go into the castle. Looking at your photos, I wish we had. 😳

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