Barr Trail on Pikes Peak in Colorado

One of our favorite trails to hike that isn’t far from Colorado Springs is Barr Trail. The entire trail stretches about 13 miles (about 21 kilometers) and has an elevation gain of close to 8,000 feet (about 2,400 meters). Because the trail starts at over 6,000 feet (about 1,800 meters) and finishes at the summit of Pikes Peak, which is 14,115 feet (about 4,300 meters), it is usually best to hike the trail in summer when temperatures are warmer. It is not uncommon for it to snow at the summit of Pikes Peak even during summer months. We have only hiked all of the way to the summit once, but we’ve partially hiked different lengths of the trail many times. These are some of the views that we saw during our hike that took us all of the way to the summit.

View of Pikes Peak from Barr Trail
Lower Barr Trail
View from Barr Trail
View from Barr Trail, Garden of the Gods at the Base of the Mountain
Barr Trail at Tree Line
View from the Summit



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