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Asian Roasted Duck

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We love duck, but it isn’t the easiest thing to prepare and have it turn out to be moist and tender.  After doing some research, we found that either simmering or steaming the duck, prior to…

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It is a Matter of Perspective

No matter where you go in the world, there is always one thing that you always take with you. Regardless of who you are, you take with you your own past experiences, values, beliefs, and preconceptions. We should all try … Continue reading

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San Francisco Convent in Quito, Ecuador

There are several sites to visit when you walk through Quito’s old town and San Francisco Convent is definitely one of the places to see. It is Quito’s oldest church and monastery and construction began in 1534 and was completed … Continue reading

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Teleferico in Quito, Ecuador

If you want to get tremendous views of Quito, Ecuador, the Teleferico is definitely a great way to do it. The Teleferico is a cable car that takes you up the Pichincha volcano. Once the cable car drops you off, … Continue reading

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Do Animals Smile?

Probably anyone who has ever had pets would agree that animals definitely show emotion, but do they smile? One look at animals will remove any doubt as to whether they actually do smile. They most certainly do smile and they … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Sauce

One of the classic meals that we had while we were in Romania were cabbage rolls. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to recreate them exactly as we had them, so we decided to go with a little different … Continue reading

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Getting Above It All

One of the favorite things that we did during our time in Ecuador was to climb up a twelve story tower in the rainforest to watch for wildlife. Like most days that we spent at the Napo Wildlife Center in … Continue reading

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Giant River Otters

When you think of otters, you usually think of cute sea otters playing like puppies in the water. Giant river otters are definitely not as cute, although they do play and wrestle with one another. During our time at the … Continue reading

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Quick Weeknight Dinner

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As hectic as our schedules are, we often look for quick and easy dinner options. Making tacos is definitely one of those types of meals that is tasty as well as easy.  Tacos are a great…

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Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuador

Volcanoes are a common sight when you visit Ecuador and we decided to visit several of them during our visit. Although many of them are still active, Quilotoa hasn’t erupted for several hundred years. One if its last eruptions was … Continue reading

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