Rugged Beauty

There are many beautiful things about the mountains of Colorado and sometimes they aren’t always the typical scenery. As you hike in the Rockies, you often come across trees that have died or fallen down due to storms. While this might seem sad at some level, there are often wonderful details in the withered wood… Read More Rugged Beauty

Time Lapse

We don’t often take photos as a series, we tend to just point and shoot towards the objects that draw our attention. The one exception to this is with sunsets, which by now you know we truly love seeing. We will often take a series of pictures as the sun slowly descends from the sky… Read More Time Lapse


It is that time of year when everything seems to be changing. Probably even more so for us as we learn to live in a new country, but changes are always happening around us. This week’s photo challenge is Transmogrify, which is all about transformation. There are several ideas that jump to mind, a butterfly… Read More Changes

Colorful Homes

Wherever we travel, we always enjoy seeing beautiful and colorful homes. Sometimes the scenery around a building can add to its beauty and sometimes it is just the building itself that sets the scene. For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Houses and/or Barns, we decided to choose a couple of our favorite photos of colorful homes.¬†First… Read More Colorful Homes