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Seville Cathedral in Spain

When visiting Seville in Spain, the Catredal de Santa Maria de la Sede, better known as the Seville Cathedral, will certainly be one of the top locations on your itinerary. It is certainly a beautiful, gothic cathedral and is one … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves a Historic Castle

In just about every city in Europe it seems that you will find a palace, cathedral, and a castle. Obviously, these fortifications were an important defense system for the local citizens and for the country as a whole. Although many … Continue reading

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The Perfect Itinerary for a Trip to Southern Spain

There are so many wonderful places to see in Southern Spain, so we have put together what we considered to be an ideal itinerary for visiting the region. We rented a car for the 2 weeks that we spent there, … Continue reading

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The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

We really enjoyed traveling around Southern Spain and one of the highlights of our trip was staying a couple of days in Granada and visiting the Alhambra fortress and palace. Before traveling to Spain, we weren’t aware of how much … Continue reading

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Hand-Pressed Olive Oil in Ronda, Spain

When we were in Ronda, Spain, a couple of years ago, we went to an olive oil factory where the local growers brought there harvests to be pressed into olive oil. It was fascinating to see how the olives were … Continue reading

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Enjoying Your Surroundings

There is no doubt that everyone is influenced by their environment. It would be wonderful if we were able to completely control our surroundings, not just the artwork and furniture, but the weather, the light, the totality of the world … Continue reading

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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Edge

There are a lot of photos that we have taken while looking over steep edges. Considering that we have a fear of heights, looking through the lens and zooming at objects in the distance can often be disorienting. For this … Continue reading

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The Shops of Marbella

We really enjoyed walking the tiny shops in the resort town of Marbella, Spain. For Cee’s Which Way Challenge this week, we decided to share a couple of photos of the narrow streets with the gorgeous tile sidewalks. We ended … Continue reading

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Iberian Ham

We had heard quite a bit about how good the Iberian ham was before travelling to the Iberian peninsula. To be honest, we enjoy cured meat, but it isn’t necessarily something we gravitate towards. One of the interesting things that … Continue reading

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Narrow

We had several ideasĀ about how to express the thought of narrowness. Ultimately we decided that the narrow streets of Spain best epitomized the effect. In the Jewish Quarter of Seville, the streets are called the “kissing streets” because of the … Continue reading

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