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Moroccan Chicken with Potatoes, Apricots, and Harissa Sauce

One of our favorite memories of our trip to Morocco was having lunch at a small, family-owned restaurant where they cooked us chicken in a tajine. Tajines themselves are quite beautiful, but they are also functional for cooking one pot … Continue reading

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Cooking Like a Local

Not only are there a lot of different styles and tastes of food around the world, but there are also a wide variety of cooking styles. It isn’t always easy to find the proper cooking utensils or replicate the cooking … Continue reading

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You are a Sum of Your Experiences

There are many factors that ultimately shape who you are as a human being. Whether you believe in nature or believe in nurture as the fundamental building blocks to us as human beings, there can be no escaping the fact … Continue reading

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Tangiers Morocco- A World of its Own

One of our favorite travel memories was when we went to Tangiers for a day while staying in southern Spain.  We remember being a little nervous about going because we weren’t sure about the cultural differences.  Having spent time in India helped calm … Continue reading

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Touring Morocco

Generally speaking, we prefer to visit places on our own as opposed to using a tour guide or being part of a tour group.  We don’t like having to be on someone else’s schedule, so we’ve never gone on a … Continue reading

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